Ray Corngrower Saga

The Ray Corngrower Saga follows Creek Members, Ray Corngrower and John Littlefeather as they navigate life and legend with a dose of love, laughter and mystery.

Jessie’s Picks to play his characters in a movie version…

The actors are in no way affiliated with Jessie Cox or is any project in the works. 

Property of Its Prospective Owner

Property of Its Prospective Owner

Graham Greene as Ray Corngrower

His early life was idyllic or at least to his young mind it was. Too young to realize that it was the tribe who fed his family because though his father worked long and hard as a construction worker, the whiskey bottle had more allure than being a responsible father and family man. The last morning Ray saw his father, he had kissed Ray and held him almost uncomfortably close. Ray would think about that moment many times in his life and wondered if his father knew that he would never see his son again. That evening his father didn’t come home. His mother thinking that he had stopped off at the bar again was surprised when two gray haired ladies from The Council of Beloved Women arrived instead. One of them took the toddler Ray outside and let him bury his face in her ample bosom while his mother screamed and cried inside the old house. Six months later his mother died of cancer and Ray started the long journey to adulthood being passed from one Creek family to another.
By the time he was in grade school he had grown withdrawn and silent from the children teasing him and calling him “Orphan.” It was only natural that he chose the brotherhood of law enforcement to be his surrogate family.
Property of Stine Norden

Property of Stine Norden

Wes Studi as  John Littlefeather: 

Ray’s only real friend when they were children.They grew apart after John went into the Navy during the Viet Nam era. Starting out in shipboard engineering, he applied for and was accepted into SEAL training. Upon his return stateside, John began to drink and was always more than ready for a fight. When the police arrived after his tearing up a bar, he fought them too. The only person who could calm him was his high school sweetheart Sharon. It was only after his promise to change his hard drinking violent life that she accepted his proposal. 

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