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The Ray Corngrower Saga

Join Ray Corngrower and his colorful cohorts for a series of books chalked full of humor, suspense, Creek culture and small town life.


Book 1: The Infant Carrier

Like the contemporary Native American tribe the characters in this book are law abiding or criminals. Deputy Ray Corngrower walks a thin line between the Red World and the White World, while trying to regain his spiritual beliefs and balance his love life and work with Special Agent Jan Meyers of the FBI.

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Book 2: The House in Banes Meadow

According to both Cherokee and Creek legend U tuin ta’ also known as Spear Finger was a blood sucking liver eating monster killed ages ago. However. A series of strange murders in the area of Bristow, Oklahoma indicate she has returned. Deputy Ray Corngrower and John Littlefeather are joined by many in hopes of stopping this terror once and for all.

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Book 3; Cheechako

While John Littlefeather is trying to survive the elements, animals and his fellow man, in Alaska, Ray Corngrower and Ted Watts find that one crime can lead to a much worse one.

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Book 4: The Good Red Road

A tornado tears through the marsh and hits Bristow. Not only does it cause heavy damage, but brings out a giant python, along with heroes and villains. The Commanding Officer of the local National Guard proves that just because you wear a uniform, that doesn’t mean you are out to protect the people.

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Book 5: The Skinwalker

Creek Nation Lighthorse Sergeant John Littlefeather is sent to Nevada with an extradition warrant. When he arrives, he finds that his prisoner has been released, John disguised as a prospector, hopes to make a citizen’s arrest, but instead must make a strange alliance in order to challenge a greater evil, than the man he is after.

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Book 6: The Manitou

In the sixth novel in the Ray Corngrower Saga, The Manitou takes the reader from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, as John, Ray, Ted and Grayson must learn to use a spiritual power to overcome evil.

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The Spencer Rifle

Just before and at the beginning of the US Civil War Indian Territory was an untamed lawless place filled with Indians, outlaws teamsters, farms, townsfolk and houses of ill repute.This is a work of historical fiction set in the Civil War Era. It is about the people that lived in those times and their way of life.

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