A brief description of the novel “Moon Dancer”

Okay. We have two sons of the heroes of the Ray Corngrower saga, One is Amos Corngrower and the other Tim Littlefeather. They are both Deputies on the Creek County Sheriff’s Department.

From the tribal history comes something referred to as “The Great Evil”, a spirit that possesses a huge razorback hog. Add to that an earthquake has warmed a section of the Illinois River which allows alligators to come up the Arkansas River. While Tim is assigned to deal with the gators, Amos must undergo a ritual that has him possessed by Spanish Crow (His ancestor from the 1700’s )who had disposed  the “Great Evil” not only in his life, but in many lives afterward.

Did he do it and if he did how did he do it? I dunno’ you gotta read the book. LOL


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  1. Woody says:

    Moon Dancer is a wonderful book. The Lighthorse Sheriff’s department is right on top of all the criminal and “evil doings” going on in Okie. Lois keeps Nettie up to date with the latest gossip and the mystery and suspence in Moon Dancer will keep you turning pages for sure.

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