Old Satan or how to tame a mean rooster

I was around ten years old when I won a shooting match with one of the neighbor kids. We were shooting pennies laying flat on the top of a wooden fence post. I was using my pellet rifle while he was using his .22.  While I don’t remember what I had to give if I lost, I wound up with a Bantum rooster and three hens.I carried them home in a tow sack and as soon as I dumped them in our chicken yard the rooster attacked my leg, so we called him “Old Satan”.We had both chickens and ducks and Old Satan wasted no time in showing hem all who was boss. Every time I’d go to gather eggs Old Satan would be laying for me. I’d come out of the chicken pen bleeding from his spurs and pecks. My grandmother wouldn’t let me shoot him, but there was many times I’d stare at him while sharpening axes or a knife..One day my grandmother got a ride to town to go shopping. (We didn’t have a car and lived five miles from town) Cousin Raymond and I was sitting on the back porch whittling and spitting as we played the “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” game.Giving Old Satan his daily “I hate you and one day will kill you!” look. I get an idea.”I know!” I told Raymond. “Let’s get Old Satan drunk!” Raymond thought that was a splendid idea. He went out to catch the rooster while I got an eye dropper and raided Poppa’s “medicine” from where it was hidden under his bed. (So he could have a snort if his heart got to hurting him at night.) Raymond has Old Satan when I bring the eye dropper and I squirt it into his open beak, then we set him down. Nothing. I go get a second eye dropper full. Raymond said the rooster was much easier to catch that time. After the second shot Old Satan lost his mind. Half running, half falling he jumped everything in the pen including the ducks, male and female alike, all the time sounding a half crow. Just as he missed the top wire and flew into the fence, my grandmother came home. Oh my! Glad she thought it was funny, but we did get a lecture about wasting Poppas medicine. But yuh know. After that Old Satan was like a puppy that followed me everywhere when I went to gather eggs.





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