The Arizona Dry

Some time ago I lived near Paulden, Arizona which is north of Prescott. I lived in a mobile home park called Sunset Lake (or something like that) The big surprise is there had not been a lake anywhere near there in several million years.

I love the desert states with a metal detector in hand looking for the yellow iron (gold nuggets) the weight of a short gun on your hip for snakes both with no legs and two legs. (and both are there, believe me) and the atv just waiting to carry me to better gold fields.

However. As magnificent as the Great Dry is one’s eyes start to yearn for something green.

I had been three hours navigating my old truck along a Forest Service road full of chuckholes and switchbacks up the side of a mountain dressed in sagebrush, cactus, dry rock and brown sand when I crested the hill. I slammed on the brakes in awe of the scene before me. An emerald green valley dotted with pine trees that were greener still and bordered by a rock face that sported every color imaginable. The reds gave way to pinks which gave way to blues and purples and the yellow turned green when it kissed the valley floor.  A stream appeared from one side of the valley to disappear back underground on the opposite side, but was shaded by large oaks in it’s journey from one side to the other. It was in such awe that I got out of the truck to thank the Great Artist for such beauty for my eyes to behold.

No. I didn’t prospect there as I would not do anything to disrupt the peace and tranquility, but yuh know. when it’s my time to go if I don’t make the cut. Maybe my spirit can return there.


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