The House in Banes Meadow in audio

Though this has been brought up before. I just signed a contract with a narrator to put my entire set of books on audio. The first will be The House in Banes Meadow. I’ll let you know when it’s available. Probably in a week or so.

The other night I heard a scratching at my door. As I went to the door to check it out I caught the strong smell of skunk. Thinking that the feral kitty I feed had finally gotten smart enough to want to come in and get away from the skunk, I opened the door. Yup. You got it. A half grown stinker was sitting on my doorstep. I reckon there wasn’t enough cat food left to fill him up and he was hoping for more. Needless to say, I couldn’t shut the door fast enough. I’m just not that much of an animal lover, I guess. Next morning he was gone and I’ve not seen nor smelled him since. : )

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