Have you ever thought about writing a story?

My first presented story was when my teacher read my one page short to the fourth grade. It could have been about fishing, ghosts, swimming in the creek or one of many other exciting subjects. But no. It was about mowing the lawn.  That was the only time in my life that I got twenty-eight rejects at one time.(Thinking back, I was a pretty dull kid)

The years passed and I bored hell outta friends in college with poetry dealing with love and disaster. I was still dull, but thought I was getting better….wrong again garbonzo bean.

Then I hand wrote a 400 page story dealing with the same genre as the movie “Red Dawn” (years before the movie came out) My friends just couldn’t wait to read it. I’m sure that my bribing them with a night on the town on me for those who read it, didn’t have a thing to do with their eagerness. The final verdict was between “Don’t give up your day job” and “It sucks.”  ( Funny how a liberal amount of good booze brings out the truth in people)

Then one day as I sat in a remote (remote meaning the foreman took the day off) boiler house, reading a pulp western that someone had left there. I grew angry. One minute the hero (bad-man cowboy ) was busy defending Western Womanhood, the next he was raping and pillaging.

I threw the book across the room, thinking “Even I can write better than that!” Then a little voice said “Why don’t you?”

So I got serious about putting the written word on paper. My timing was perfect for at that same time there was a huge sale on rejection notices that every publisher I submitted to had to get in on.

All except one. This one was so poor they sent me a rejection notice on a used paper dinner napkin. I’m sure they were poor because they didn’t recognize great talent when it crossed their desk. It could have been worse. It could have been used toilet paper. : )

 Thinking to start small I started writing magazine articles and even had my own column in a gold and treasure hunting magazine.

I am proud to say that with my encouragement, my cousin wrote a cookie recipe cook book and made over a thousand dollars profit.

Anyway. Now I have a book of related short stories and a six novel series published and my point after all of this meandering drivel is if you ever thought about writing a story put your self doubts and fears of rejection away and JUST DO IT!



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  1. Pat says:

    This was good. Interesting, funny. I know I am not a writer. Waiting for your next book.

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