About my eighth Book

First off I’d like to thank my readers. You are helping me in my vision to keep the Native American myths alive. Thank you to all, but especially Elizabeth (my publicist) for getting my name out there.

 I ended the Ray Corngrower series with “Where the Wind Whispers My Name”. It was like a sad goodbye to old friends.

This current work is set in a different time and with different characters. A general description would be The Creek and Cherokee just before and during the Civil War, but in the telling I find it’s much ore than that.

The characters make the story.

Bustah Cee is a halfbreed bandit who lives more by his wits instead of a gun.

 Willimina is a muleskinner who disguises herself as a man, but doesn’t fool Willie (a Creek Indian) who loves her.

 Heather the Heathen is a cathouse madam and saloon owner.

 Mix these with ranchers, prostitutes, judges, the US Army, the Confederate States of America and the Native American militia. Stir well and bake in the Oklahoma sun a few days to create a motley crew full of history, laughs and drama.

I’m about a third of the way finished, but hope that my readers have as much enjoyment reading it as I have writing it.

I’ll yell when it is available.