Please read

I need help in passing along vital information to all terminally ill veterans.

I was recently sent home from the VA hospital to die with the mildest prescription pain pills there is. I felt like I was abandoned by the VA and the constant pain I was in had me considering drastic measures.

A friend told me to apply for a hospice program. I looked at the VA benefits on the net and saw that they provided both palliative care and hospice. I was NOT told about any of this when I was discharged from the VA hospital. Even the primary care VA nurse knew nothing about it.

No. This is not a “poor me” story, but I am asking … no I’m begging you to get the word of this little known secret, out. Too many vets are suffering intense pain before they die. Though I can’t verify this, I’ve been told that the reason the VA doesn’t inform us vets is because these cares are very expensive.

My thanks to you in advance and may God bless you.