Old Man Coyote

All cultures have their demons and evil ones. With the Native American it’s Old Man Coyote the Trickster. More a gray character than an evil one, Coyote loves to play jokes on unsuspecting people.

He’ll look into your heart and see your fears. He then magnifies those fears and whispers them in your ear. He thinks that is funny, but what makes it even funnier is that he knows the fears were false to begin with.

There you are, all worried and thinking “He/she will like me better if I pretend to be cool (or whatever) Or “I’m not smart enough to take that class. If I do, I will fail and everyone will know I’m a big dummy.”

Sure there are real fears, but there’s a test you can do to determine if it’s Old Man Coyote holding you back.

Just say aloud (or you can whisper, if need be) “Get away from me, Coyote !”  He has to do what you command, but will go hide behind a bush hoping to catch you unawares and will try again and again until he finally gives up and finds others to play his jokes on. Try it. You’ll see. : )